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What our students say


“Zoltan is an outstanding teacher with a deep understanding of the relevant materials required for GMAT and a true passion for pushing his students to achieve the best results possible. Personally, although I have not studied any math from the age of 18, with Zoltan’s help I was able to achieve a GMAT score of 710 (V41, Q46). In my experience he is always willing to go the extra mile for his students and searches for a tailor-made approach in order to maximize your results. Aside from his professional achievements, Zoltan is a wonderful human being with a great sense of humor.”

Maxim J. – INSEAD – MBA


“With the help of Zoltan, I was able to achieve 740 score on the GMAT with Q50. His long years of experience as a tutor and his outstanding knowledge of quantitative and sentence correction questions were invaluable factors in achieving my dream score. He knows exactly what books, courses and other important materials are needed for the GMAT, and what areas students must cover in order to maximize their scores. His lessons were not only delightful but also effective, and he constantly helped me find motivation even in the most difficult parts of my preparation.”

Gergely B. – MBA applicant


“Zoltan helped me prepare for the GMAT exam over the course of 3 months. We mainly focused on the quantitative part, where he explained everything with the greatest detail and patience. He taught me valuable tricks to tackle quantitative problems and showed me that you really don’t have to be a math genius to get a decent score on the GMAT. 🙂 With his help I managed to get a score of 690 and landed offers from high-ranked business schools all over Europe.”

Réka Sz. – University of St.Gallen – MSc Marketing Management


“I was able to bag a score of 700 with Q50, and Zoltan sir played a great role in the process. He didn’t just clear my doubts but also introduced me to many other concepts such as the types of questions, etc. because he has a very rich experience of the pattern of the exam. His tips and constant motivation helped me a lot to manage the questions efficiently. His guidance is beneficial for every phase in preparation.”

Abhinav A. – MBA applicant


“Zoltan was my GMAT private teacher through 5 months. He is a real expert in every field of the GMAT and has many tips&tricks that were truly helpful during my GMAT journey. In addition to his outstanding knowledge and teaching skills, he is very supportive and ready to help any time. I totally recommend him. My score: 680.”

Ildikó Sz. – St. John’s University (New York) – MBA


“Zoltan was my private GMAT tutor for three months, I managed to earn 710 points with his help. His expertise is undoubtable in all fields needed for the test. The lessons were well-structured and efficient. He also provided useful tips and tricks and extra material for my out of class preparation and was available whenever I needed further help. Being completely satisfied with his work, I highly recommend him!”

Balázs Cs. A. – WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business) – MSc Quantitative Finance


“I turned to Zoltan after my first attempt with GMAT in order to strengthen my Quant score. I learned so much from him compared with my self-study mode aided by prep course materials. He really knows the ins and outs of GMAT, how test-makers think, and has an endless range of resources to help you to develop in whichever section. With Zoltan’s help I managed to improve my overall score significantly.”

Eszter Sz. – Bocconi – MBA


“Zoltan’s years of experience in tutoring became evident from the get go: not only is he extremely knowledgeable in all things GMAT, including the best and most time-efficient ways to tackle even the hardest problems, but he also communicates every math must-know and solving method effectively and enthusiastically. On top of all this, he always made the sessions fun and exciting, a trait that helps even the most anxious student (me) to attain a top score. I’ll miss my math classes with him dearly!”

Martin K. – Rotterdam School of Management – MSc Strategic Management


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