What do you need to know in advance?

Motivation is very important, because it will help you achieve a score so high that you may be accepted to the universities of your choice. It is also crucial that you be able to study an adequate amount, independently, every week and that you always do your homework.

You have to be very good in English. The goal of the Verbal Section is not to test your English, but to assess the speed of your logical thinking in English. Most GMAT examinees are native English speakers, but getting a high score in this section is not easy even for them.

There are no prerequisites in math to start preparation for the Quantitative Section. Beginning with the basics, we will cover every topic in adequate depth as it is on the GMAT. During our collaboration, I will teach you my fast and effective methods for solving problems.

What books or tools do you need for studying?

The latest edition of the GMAT Official Guide is invaluable for practicing, as it has lots of questions that were real exam questions in the past. At amazon.com or amazon.de you can find hundreds of GMAT-related books. Before my own preparation, I thoroughly checked the literature and ordered every book that I considered useful. I will recommend to you many books from my firsthand experience, and these books, along with my careful tutoring, will give you the chance to achieve a high score.

How much do you need to study for the exam?

I hope you feel that the answer to this question greatly depends on you. I’ve already mentioned that the GMAT score is valid for five years, and you can get your score sent to universities of your choice any time within this period. I think a good strategy is to first concentrate on getting the highest score possible; that way you can later deal more confidently with the additional details of your university applications.

How do I teach?

I hold my classes in a friendly and colloquial atmosphere. Nevertheless, if your homework isn’t ready, I can be strict as well, but let’s hope that won’t happen 🙂

During my 18 years of private tutoring experience, I’ve effectively taught many students with different levels of background knowledge and personal abilities – both younger and older than me. Since the beginning, I have treated every student as an individual and tried to explain new concepts in the most suitable way for him or her – sometimes in a totally different order and with a totally different approach than for other students. Another integral part of my method is that you frequently have to solve problems during our classes, while you pay attention to my guiding remarks.

How can you hire me as a tutor?

Write to gmathighway@gmail.com with your questions, and you can ask me for an offer.

If meeting in the city center of Budapest is convenient, I meet with potential students there before tutoring. If that’s not convenient or if you choose online tutoring, I meet with potential students online for a free initial consultation session.